Environmental friendly beverage bottle cap, micro innovation brings great change

As an ordinary person, we may not have professional knowledge and top technology, so it is very difficult to create products like iPhone. However, changing the world does not necessarily require what great technology and products, and sometimes only a small idea can make our world better.cap

This innovative design product starts with the common beverage bottle cap in daily life. In daily life, when people attend meetings, go out to play or participate in competitive sports, they are often assigned a unified beverage. Generally speaking, when you drink a few drinks, you will put the bottle aside and do something else. When you look back and find a drink, you will find that all the drinks are put together, and it is not clear which one is on your own.

It is not convenient or sanitary to pick up a bottle to drink. Finally, a bottle of drink is reopened and the bottles mixed together are thrown away, which causes great waste of resources. So someone thought, can everyone make a mark on their own beverage bottle, for example, stick a unique sticker, so that you will not take the wrong way. But who will carry stickers just to distinguish beverage bottles? Can you make an article in the drink bottle itself?

This product is specially designed for a bottle cap. As long as the lid is rotated gently, a unique digital date mark is born, which can be a person's birthday or a major anniversary. In a word, it is easy to memorize and be private. Through this label, people can easily identify their bottles and drink all the remaining drinks in the bottle, saving the resources, making a small contribution to the environmental protection, and avoiding the cross drinking of the drinks, and clean and sanitary.

On the other hand, in sports competitions, the label of bottled drinks can also be used to identify whether or not to be opened again, thereby reducing the risk of adulterated bottles of open bottled beverages.

Actual effect diagram

And achieve environment-friendly beverage bottle specific design details under

At present, there are some similar designs on the market, whose structure is generally designing a giant rotary ring under the cover. There are 1-20 numbers or 26 letters on the cover. The same is also applied to the giant turning ring. The markup is set through two matching. However, there are two major defects in this design. First, this kind of design needs to change the basic structure of the current popular beverage bottle, make the bottle or bottle cap complicated and increase the cost of production; second, the meaningless number or letter matching on the bottle cap is not conducive to memory, and it is easy to forget the set of the set.

Figure 1 is an embodiment of the utility model is installed in the beverage bottle of the local open the map to enlarge.

Figure 2 figure A-A section 1 vision schematic diagram.

Digital label figure in the part name:

1, beverage bottle mouth parts;

2, beverage bottle;

3, token ring;

4 cap and a token ring connection is easy to break the weak parts;

5 bottle cap screw;

6, cap gasket;

7, lateral surface of the lower part of the lid;

8, cap 1 to 31 lateral represents the date sequential numbers;

9, numbers below;

10 ring outer surface marker;

11, token ring on behalf of June 1 to 12 sequential numbers;

12, the top of the figure;

13, token ring V shaped inner convex elastic antiskid foot;

14 bottle marker matching ring groove.

To overcome two shortcomings of the previous design, the new labeling cap to design a new tag. The two main bodies are the label rings under the cap and the cap of the bottle, and the bottle cap and the marking ring are connected by the fragile and weak parts. The bottle cap is equipped with a thread and a sealing pad. The overall design features are as follows: the outer surface of the cap has 31 digits of 1 to 31 sequentially arranged along the cover, and the number of 1 to 12 numbers arranged in the same way and the marking month on the outer surface of the label ring.

The technical scheme of the digital and mark can be printed on the surface of the carrier, can also be produced in the mold. There are several V type inner convex elastic feet in contact with the outer surface of the beverage bottle, which not only takes into account the comfort of the ring rotation of the marking ring, but also plays the role of anti-skid positioning, so that the marking ring will not be rotated easily. Consumers can choose their special dates on the 31 numbers on the lid, then rotate the labels while tightening the lid. In this way, a memorable unique mark is completed. Next time people need to look at the bottle cap before they drink, they will know whether they are drinking or not, which is a good solution to people's troubles.

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